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Every Child Has a Dream...

Astronaut, police officer, President of the United States, doctor, fireman, princess, NFL Superstar. Every kid dreams and plans what they want to be when they grow up. Sometimes the unforeseen can put those plans out of reach. But that doesn’t stop kids from dreaming....

On November 25, 2007, Colin Goldstein became part of Tampa Bay Buccaneer history. Collin wasn’t a rookie running back rushing for the longest touchdown. He wasn’t a third-string quarterback called into the game in the final moments and tossing the winning pass. Collin was an 11 year old boy from Clearwater, Florida with a rare intestinal disease that could prove fatal.

Through Touchdown Dreams, Colin was introduced to Tampa Bay’s star cornerback Ronde Barber, who hosted Colin for the game. Colin had lunch with Ronde at the Bucs facility on Friday, spent the pre-game down on the field, and watched with his family from the club level. Quite a change from the months that Colin spent in and out of hospitals for treatment.

With just under four minutes remaining in the game, Barber picked off the opposing quarterback for his 32nd career interception, a franchise record. The accomplishment was made all the more special since Ronde had promised Collin that he would give him the ball if he broke the record.

"He's a great kid. Full of life," Barber said. "He has a great life ahead of him."

And Collin will always be a part of NFL history.


Colin Goldstein with Ronde Barber

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