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Mullen’s Day with the Denver Broncos

Mullen’s love of the Broncos began in December of 2007 when his Uncle John brought him to his first professional football game. The Broncos played the Chiefs and it was mighty cold, but Mullen loved it! So when given the chance to go see the players practice and spend time with them he was thrilled!

Mullen (7), his brothers, Maverick (9) and Maguire (6), along with parents, John and Laurie, and Mullen’s Uncle John all went for the once in a lifetime experience. We really do understand that this is an opportunity that not many people are offered and we are grateful for the blessing.

Mullin 3 (2)

We arrived at Dove Valley at 9:30 all decked out in our Broncos gear. We were greeted by the Vice-President of Marketing, who gave Mullen a hat and media guide. Then, Coach Mike Shanahan’s right hand man came out to give Mullen a practice jersey to wear for the day. Mullen thought that was awesome – a little big- but really cool. The practice jersey was number 11, so is our new back –up quarterback favorite, Patrick Ramsey. We needed to wait for the players to get out of their meetings and go out to the practice field. While we waited, the boys watched the security cameras of the hallways as the players and coaches walked around. That made a sweet impression, as even the security people were involved in making Mullen’s experience one-of –a –kind.

After putting our cell phones and video cameras away – none of those are allowed – we headed out to the field. It took the boys’ breathe away that we were so close to all of the action. We were literally in the middle of 2 practice fields as they all did their routines. The day could not have been more beautiful, as it was 80 degrees and sunny. We all watched in awe for 2 hours.

Mullin 4 (2)

Coach Mike Shanahan came over to meet Mullen and the crew. He was so gracious and let us take pictures and visit for awhile. Then he went over to talk to Mullen’s favorite player, Champ Bailey. So, Champ makes his way over to all of us. I don’t know who was more star struck, as Maverick is a huge fan, as is Uncle John, but Mullen was so happy just to shake Champ’s hand and say hi. Champ signed shirts and cards – such a nice man. Ed steered us to between the 2 fields to watch the practice. Jay Cutler came over for a photo, as did Brandon Marshall. John Lynch came over in between sets and said hello and told Mullen that he was looking forward to having lunch with him when practice was over – wow! 

For 2 hours we felt like we were VIP’s and just a part of the team. There were no extra people just hanging out. Photographers came in for 5 minutes at the beginning of practice and then for another 5 minutes at the end, but they had no interaction with the players or coaches. We were laughing with them and feeling like a part of everything. That is what made the biggest impression on me – gracious and giving men. They knew it was special for us and they made it that way.

When practice was over, we went in to have lunch with the players. We were in line first as they were showering or going over to lift weights. Mullen still had quite an appetite with the steroids that he was on, so he got a plate full! John Lynch came over and joined us for a time of visiting and fellowship. What a personable and wonderful guy! It was a pleasure to get to know him. Patrick Ramsey also pulled up a chair to chat. John Lynch took all of the boys to the locker room for a tour when we were through with lunch – mom had to stay in the lunchroom. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day!

The thought that resounded in all of our memory is that is was so ‘normal’. We got to experience that the Denver Broncos are kind and generous men. Along with the signed footballs, jerseys, and cards, it is the recollection of that connection that will be remembered so fondly!!!

There are not words that can express what a mother feels when her child is so happy from an experience.  I am grateful for the caring and compassion that everyone has shown to Mullen and our family. Mullen still talks about that day and it makes him smile and feel a sense of connection to the Broncos. It is those connections that make our journey easier to bear.

Our sincerest thanks to….

 John Lynch

 Coach Mike Shanahan

 And of course, to you, Jay Glazer for making our day with the Broncos possible!


Laurie Widdowson
Mullen’s Mom

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